An Insight into Saliva as a Biomarker for Periodontal Disease

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Published: Saturday, 07 March 2015 12:43 Written by 

periodontal disease is a immune-inflammatory disease with varying degree of disease severity. It has been a challenge to determine biomarkers for screening and predicting the early onset of periodontal disease, evaluating the disease activity and the efficacy of therapy. Traditional clinical criteria are often insufficient for determining sites of active disease, for monitoring the response to therapy, or for measuring the degree of susceptibility to future disease progression. . In the recent past, research on saliva have been directed towards better understanding of the potential of saliva as an aid in the diagnosis of several diseases where presence/absence or a change of one or more of its constituents can act as a marker. Saliva is a fluid that can be easily collected non-invasively, contain locally derived and systemically derived markers of periodontal disease hence may offer the basis for patient specific diagnosis for periodontal disease. This review highlights the various potentials of saliva as a diagnostic biomarker for periodontal diseases.

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