Merchants shall be expelled from the Temple: the PRGF® (Plasma-Preparation Rich in Growth Factors)-Endoret® case

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Published: Wednesday, 15 July 2015 10:42 Written by 

What is the Biotechnology Institute? Who are Anitua et al.?
First, readers should be aware that Dr. Eduardo Anitua et al. are not independent researchers. The Biotechnology Institute (BTI, Vitoria, Spain) is a dental implant company that manufactures and markets the PRGF®/Endoret® system. Dr. Anitua is the Founder, President and Scientific Director of BTI, and the owner of PRGF® patents. This dental implant company has the specificity to use the fashion of platelet growth factors products as a theme to develop its credibility. Most coauthors of Dr. Anitua are his employees.

These authors rarely disclosed all their conflicts of interest since the beginning of the PRGF® story5. In most articles from this group, no disclosure of interest was clearly spelled, even though, in this case, the conflicts of interest cannot be bigger. After a few conflicts that highlighted this reality5, these authors were also using the affiliation “Eduardo Anitua Foundation for Biomedical Research”, while it is obvious that this entity is heavily conflicted by commercial interests like BTI. We will voluntarily not cite any references from this group for the reason explained further in this letter, but they are easy to find on Pubmed and in other electronic databases.

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