Dental tips

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Published: Thursday, 04 August 2016 13:51 Written by
Tip #1 The efficacy of sodium hypochlorite can be simply and practically enhanced by increasing its temperature. This improves its immediate tissue-dissolution capacity (Zehnder M, 2006 Some studies also support that heated sodium hypochlorite removes organic matter from dentine more efficiently than its unheated counterpart (Kamburis JJ et al, 2003).…

Periodontal tips

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Published: Wednesday, 27 May 2015 11:24 Written by
Periodontitis is the most common disease of humans. Severe disease affect 11.2% of the world population, making it the 6th most common human condition Tip #6 Risk factors of peri-implant disease: The principal risk factors for peri-implantitis include sub-optimal oral hygiene, a history of periodontal disease and cigarette smoking. 5-07-2015…

Endodontic Tips

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Tip #40 Removing a uniform amount of dentin circumferentially. Stainless steel reamers have enough body to work effectively against all the canal walls removing a more or less uniform amount of dentin circumferentially. 19-04-2015

Dental Business Management Tip

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Read our exclusive dental tips for Dental Business Management learn how to manage and communicate with your patient from our expert Dr. Anna Yiannikos DDS, MSc, LSO, MBA Course Leader/Director of DBA

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