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A study by Zimmer et al just recently published in June 2015, has analyzed the loss of enamel and dentine after exposure to different non-alcoholic drinks with a simple new method using bovine teeth. 100 enamel and 100 dentine specimens from freshly extracted bovine incisors were randomly attributed to 10 groups (n=10 for enamel and dentine each). Prior to the start of the experiment all specimens were weighed using a precision balance. No statistically significant differences were found between groups for initial masses. Thereafter, all specimens of one group were simultaneously placed in 200 ml of the following fluids: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light, Sprite, apple juice, Red Bull, orange juice, Bonaqua Fruits (Mango-Acai), tap water, chlorinated swimming pool water, and lemon juice. Fluids were continuously ventilated at 37° C for 7 days. Thereafter the specimens were weighed again and the mean mass loss was calculated.


Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola light showed the least erosivity with respect to enamel and dentine. For dentine, lemon juice showed statistically significant higher erosivity than all other liquids. This was also true for enamel except for Sprite and apple juice. No statistically significant differences were found between the other liquids
Erosivity of common non-alcoholic drinks as measured in vitro by substance loss of bovine enamel and dentine varies widely. For example, Sprite, apple juice, and orange juice are about five times more erosive than Coca Cola light. The findings from the present study may be helpful in daily dietary and dental counseling since they allow identifying the most erosive non-alcoholic beverages. However, it has to be considered by dental professionals, that not only dental aspects are important in nutrition counseling. Despite its high erosivity, orange juice may be a valuable contribution to a healthy nutrition whereas other non alcoholic drinks with low erosivity are not.

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