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Published: Thursday, 07 August 2014 08:15 Written by 

Dr Wesam Salah Alas’di
Nowadays all the people are going online to have any simple detail, with the spread of smart phones his become more easier, and as Dentist running our own business, we need to take advantage of this spreading technology. In every day practice we are having the challenge of marketing our business, and to attract more patients online, so we started to make our own websites, the challenge now is how to attract people to visit our website and then to visit our practice .

[list type="disc"]

Here are some effective advices to improve your website and become closer to your customers

1- Cost Free Updates

  • - Phone number; The calling information should be on the top of the website to be easily seen, and it’s better if the customer can call it directly if he is browsing the website from smart phone, as our patients are spontaneous, so when they access the website and didn’t find this information right away they could easily forget about us. 
  • - Google My business; You can your business to Google, which we can all agree it’s the number one research engine, and it’s totally free, and sign in Google+, in which 70% marketers have a presence on it, and on it clients can easily find the basic information they need to contact you.
  • - Google Map; Add your business location on Google map, and put this map as a widget in your website, so patient will have the exact direction to you practice.
  • - Post and maintain a blog; Put this blog on your website, not off of it; make it personal as if you are talking to your family and friends to be more close to patients. Remember this when creating your blog AIDA, Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.
  • - Self – Conducted E-mails; Marketing promoting technology advancements, Seminars, Promo offers (content, education, higher open rate) 
  • Video Testimonials; This is the most assuring and encouraging way for new clients to contact you, make the video simple without editing , let the patient talk freely about his experience through his treatment steps. You can even create a youtube channel and add it to your website, and all this is totally free.
  • - Social Media; It’s fun to communicate with patients on social media networks, as most people are using them, so definitely you will be seen and known through these different channels, you can manage different social media channels through one site “HootSuite”, this website allow you to schedule a certain post to be shared in the future at multiple social media networks (as : Facebook. Twitter, Linked in) at the same time, so don’t hesitate to use it.

  • - Google and Yelp Reviews; Add these reviews on your website, these will give patients more confident in your work, even if you have a bad review , you can respond to them immediately, since you will be alarmed with each review you’ll get , and that will give you more credibility. Sometimes you will need to take it to the next level, and pay some money to put your website on the top for Google ranking, so your website will appear on the top of Google Search.[/list]


  • [list type="disc"] 2- Cost Effective updates
    • - Mobile optimized website; As we are depending more and more on our smart phones, it’s beneficial to have a mobile website which is easily accessed with optimized viewing. Enders Analysis found that mobile devices accounted for 55% of internet usage in the United States in January 2014, Apps made up 47% of internet traffic and 8% of traffic came from mobile browsers. They also found 30% of visitors will abandon the site if it is not optimized for viewing, and that’s growing too, another fact that 88% of buying decisions initiated via mobiles are now made because of spontaneity. According to AMAZON, every 100 milliseconds in load time decreases sales 1%, and according to Google, not having a website optimized for mobile is like being closed one day a week

    • - Affiliate Links In affiliate programs, it's a special URL that contains the ID or username of the affiliate. This URL is used by the advertiser to track all traffic the affiliate sends to the advertiser's site as a part of the affiliate program.So you simply use another website and put your URL as affiliate link , this will cist you a little, but will worth it, people will find you more easily and this will increase you ranks. Plus, if you search engine optimize the posts that contain affiliate links, you’ll bring in first-time readers to your website or people who may purchase something through a link of yours but never visit your site again.
    • - Self Generated auto appointments Tool; Its all about providing a comfortable, and easy access to your patients, so they can put an appointment, or even reschedule it.
    • - Live Chats; This is a very attracting way , you can get this service with low cost, it’s so helpful to patients, and give them the chance to talk in private about their concerns , but to get the best out of it, your response should be immediate. You can do it for yourself or ask others specialized websites to do it for you. [list type="disc"] -- Live chat techniques:
    • --- compelling greeting “e.g.; how can we make you smile today “
    • --- Quid Pro quo (something for something)
    • --- provide good customer service, show empathy its much important than service you provide “e.g. let the patient know you are sorry for his pain”
    • --- lead the visitor
    • --- when time is right, ask for the opportunity to take the next step “e.g. ask him for a contact number or a way for later communication”

Finally we have

  • 3- Investments
    • - Responsive websites
    • - Search Engine optimizing 
    • - Professional E-mails 
    • - Social Media[/list]


 It’s all about using this new world of technology to make people know about you, and have easy access to communicate with you, and tell others about your services.

Written by: Dr Wesam Salah Alas’di
BDS, orthodontic resident in Royal Medical Services
Editorial Board at


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