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Published: Tuesday, 10 February 2015 09:20

The postgraduate Online Diploma in Continuing Education in Dental Science is an online video training program for continuing education and will advance the knowledge and skills of the participant. The program is seeking excellence in the field of dentistry. The language of all videos and all written text material is in English.

Diploma Certificate

The certificate is given by the Dental Online College GmbH and the Deutsche Ärzte-Verlag GmbH and acknowledging that the online program has been successfully completed. The certificate does not provide licensing or documentation for the purpose of complying with the legal requirements of any specific country.

Conditions of Participation

Admission is only possible for graduated dentists. Participants must be dentists licensed to practice.


Video Module 1: Periodontology

Aesthetics is one of the domains of periodontology and so the videos of this module are a lot about aesthetics: recession coverage, crown lengthening etc. But for best results you need the ability to perform special techniques. Detailed instructions are needed which are also part of this section. The prognosis of teeth from the periodontal view is another important piece here, too.

Video Module 2: Oral Surgery and Laser

Surgical extraction procedures form an important part of the dental-surgery-section, for a atraumatic extraction is essential for all following means. Hard tissue augmentation forms another main area here. The module about lasers in dentistry consists of five lectures, that give a brief introduction and then focus on laser use in periodontology, oral surgery and implantology.

Video Module 3: Implantology

Implantology as a supreme discipline of dentistry has as well aesthetical and technical aspects. The DIPLOMA videos examine all those aspects, from implants in an atrophic maxilla to biomechanics of the implant-abutment-connection, from problems of the single tooth implant to treatment of periimplantitis. Surgery videos show the best way to perform implantations.

Video Module 4: Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics:

The DIPLOMA-videos about Restorative Dentistry focus on aesthetically or technically difficult restorations, in posterior as well as in anterior regions and in large cavities. Watch how the experts do it hands on. The Endodontics videos put emphasis on diagnostics and treatment of paro-endo-lesions and procedures like minimally invasive apicoectomy and orthograde revision of root canals.

Video Module 5: CAD/CAM and Prosthodontics

CEREC is in the middle of the CAD/CAM-part: Four videos illustrate the whole course of action, starting with the preparation and ending with insertion and finishing of the restoration. A special adresses the current status of digital scanning. This module is completed by updates on prosthodontics on implants and on the decision making between screw and cement.

Video Module 6: Medical Aspects and Anaesthetics

To treat high-risk patients like allergic, diabetic or pregnant patients is central to this module. Beyond that there are videos about medical issues that are often not easy to diagnose like inflammatory lesions and mucosa pathologies. Experience the knowledge about biopsies and incisions. In Anaesthetic a modern procedure for low-risk anaesthesia is introduced.

Training Procedure

The Diploma Program consists of 6 modules. After registration the access to module no.1 is granted. The videos must be watched and the corresponding multiple choice questions must be answered within 4 weeks. Subsequently the next module with the videos and questions will be disclosed. The last module, module no. 6 will be opened after 5 month. One extra month is available in order to finalize the questions of the last module. The student can ask the trainer up to 3 questions per module via email.


1. Month

Module 1
Videos + Questions

2. Month

Module 2
Videos + Questions

3. Month

Module 3
Videos + Questions

4. Month

Module 4
Videos + Questions

5. Month

Module 5
Videos + Questions

6. Month

Module 6
Videos + Questions

7. Month



Examination Regulations

Each learning unit of at least 45 minutes are connected with multiple choice questions. The multiple choice questions are in accordance with the requirements of the German Federal Chamber of Dentists (BZÄK). The exams must be passed with minimum 70% correct answers for each module. In case the result is less than 70% the multiple choice tests can be repeated.


EUR 1.000 
The price includes the fee for the videos, multiple choice questions as well as the diploma certificate.

Technical Requirements

The minimum requirement is a stable ADSL internet connection (LAN/WiFi) or fast mobile internet connection like 3G. Computer: Windows, Mac Computer or iPad. Browser: Chrome, Firefox or Safari with installed Adobe Flash plugin and to enable browser cookies.
Failure Proceeding

If the multiple choice test will not be passed according to the examination regulations, the repetition of the test is necessary. The next multiple choice test is possible after one week. The target of the examination regulations must be achieved in the time of the total duration of the diploma (7 month, see also Training Procedure). Extra time for studying can be booked for EUR 150 per month. Total time for studying is limited to 12 month.
Diploma Certificate Release

After successfully finishing the diploma tests the student will receive a high quality Diploma certificate sent by mail.

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